Terms & Conditions

Kbowl Kilkenny Terms and Conditions

Before making a booking or purchasing vouchers or other products, please read all our Terms and conditions carefully.


About Us

We are Kilkenny Bowling Ltd. A family run business trading as Kbowl Kilkenny, and our registered address is MacDonagh Junction, Kilkenny, Co. Kilkenny, R95 Y232


Admission Policy

All guests must be appropriately clothed. No hats, clothing, jewellery or tattoos with profanity or objectionable art. Only appropriate head gear may be worn on the premises. Any form of bad or offensive language will not be tolerated and those who participate will be swiftly asked to leave. We are a family entertainment facility, and all our guests are entitled to enjoy themselves when on the premises. The management reserve the right to refuse admission to those who do not adhere to our admission policy.


Age Restrictions

Bowling: 2 yrs upwards

Arcade: 2 yrs upwards

Birthday Parties: 6 yrs to 12 yrs

Teenscene Parties: 13 yrs to 18 yrs

BYOB: 21 yrs upwards

Hurricane Karts: The participant must be able to move the controls while being properly seat-belted in. If they cannot do this, they must be accompanied by an adult on the kart who will have the controls.


Bookings – General

To bowl you need flat closed toe shoes on. Booking prices are the same Monday to Sunday. We require full payment for any telephone or online booking at the time of your booking. All bookings are subject to availability. We know that plans sometimes change! If you need to alter your booking Kbowl Kilkenny are happy to move your booking to a future day so long as you contact us a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Bowling reservations are time sensitive. Your reservation will begin at the time specified on your confirmation. You will forfeit any unused time if you fail to show for your Booking or arrive late, and no additional time or other time slot will be authorized. All guests are responsible for ensuring that the information they provided at the time of booking is correct. Kbowl Kilkenny is not responsible for bookings made and confirmed through the website or over the phone in which the guest has provided erroneous information or made a booking error. Deposits paid for bookings are non-refundable. Should you need to alter a booking please get in touch on [email protected] no later than 48 hrs in advance. Alterations are made subject to availability.


Kbowl Funcard and Cashless Arcade

Our Arcade mainly runs off a cashless system. Guests that wish to use the machines can obtain a ‘fun card’ from the desk and load whatever value they wish. All cards will have a guest’s name attached to them so we can deactivate and replace lost/stolen or damaged cards and they are the property of that person. These names are only used for this purpose. Remaining value on cards cannot be taken off. Cards can be kept/topped up and reused ongoing by the owner. Winning ticket vales can be saved onto your ‘funcard’ giving the card holder the opportunity to save for bigger prizes. We have a policy of asking young children wanting to put €20 or more on a ‘funcard’ to bring a parent or guardian to the desk with them to agree. Our hurricane Karts do not use funcards, to use the Karts please ask a member of staff and they will look after you.


BYOB Booking

Kbowl Kilkenny is not a licenced premises and we do not hold stock of Alcohol. We offer a Bring your own beer package after 6pm every night that is prebooked and prepaid for and strictly for over 21s. We operate a policy of asking for ID for anyone who looks under 21. If you are lucky enough to look under 21, please ensure that you have ID with you. Kbowl Kilkenny will accept only the following forms of ID to take part in a BYOB party package Garda Age Card, Valid Passport or valid driver’s Licence.


General Ts & Cs

We don’t have child/adult rates ... everyone is the same, a guest. Please report any accidents to a member of staff, to ensure that we can provide any necessary assistance and minimise the potential of re-occurrence. These will be logged and are an important part of on-going safety audits. All damages to Kbowl Kilkenny property either accidental or deliberate must also be reported to a member of staff. Any intentional or negligent loss or damage to the venue, furnishings, or equipment is the responsibility of the guests. For Health and Safety reasons, only food purchased at Kbowl Kilkenny may be consumed on the premises. Please report any behavioural concerns to a member of staff. Don’t attempt to intervene yourself. We have the right to cancel, change, or restrict discounts or offers at any time and for any reason.