OPEN 11am - 10pm 7 DAYS A WEEK

MacDonagh Junction, Kilkenny. 056 7788200

Lots more to do at KBowl


As well as bowling there is lots of added fun in KBowl for all the family.

Hurricane Karts


The latest craze in Kilkenny are the Hurricane Karts! KBowl is the only place in Kilkenny to find such karts. They are a cross between bumpers and a hovercraft! However, drivers have to manoeuvre them with hand held leavers, which adds to the fun and excitement guaranteeing lots of thrills, spins and spills. Children as young as two years of age can go on them with an adult. The Hurricane Karts are €2.50 each. One go is never enough!

Arcade Games


As well as air hockey KBowl has a great selection of arcade games which operate on a redemption basis. This is where players receive tickets based on their performance at the games. These tickets can be redeemed for a huge selection of prizes ranging from a key-ring to a laptop. Players can save up their tickets so as to redeem them for bigger prizes.