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Hassle Free School Tours in Kilkenny

We are delighted to announce KBowl Kilkenny has teamed up with The National Reptile Zoo to offer an educational and fun filled school tour.
Ideally school tours are meant to combine fun and education in one day and that is exactly what we have done. Learn about the amazing reptiles from crocodiles to snakes while also enjoying the thrill of getting strike.

The combined package is priced at €10 per child. This includes a visit to the National Reptile Zoo and one hours bowling in KBowl. A question we are often asked is “Can we bring a packed lunch? The answer is yes, lunches can be eaten in KBowl.

We also offer a package which includes lunch as well which costs €15 per child – Reptile Zoo, 1 hours bowling.

Bowling on its own

It is also possible to just do ten pin bowling on its own without visiting the National Reptile Zoo. We have three options available all of which are detailed below. We also add in an educational element to the bowling where we explain the science behind bowling such as weight of the pins, speed of the ball and the effect it has on getting a strike.

For more information on school tours please contact 0567788200

We have the following options available:


€5.00per child

  • 1 Hour of Bowling
  • (Max 6 per lane)
  • ...

Bowl & Pop

€7.50per person

  • 1 Hour Bowling
  • Popcorn & Juice
  • ...

Bowl & Dine

€10.00per person

    • 1 Hour of Bowling
    • Chicken Nuggets, Cocktail Sausages, Pizza
    • All served with chips and juice